Further information

To keep up-to-date on the latest news of interest to doctoral students of psychology, you have several options. You can keep checking back at this website, join the email list for doctoral students or alumni, or join the Facebook page for Psykonet. All these information channels offer information on funding opportunities, courses at the member universities and elsewhere as well as national and international conferences and other relevant topics.This page will also contain a list of links to relevant resources such as a regularly updated list of upcoming conferences in psychology and related disciplines.

Cooperation in doctoral education

The Network of Finnish Doctoral Programmes in Psychology (Dopsy) provides doctoral students in psychology a national platform for furthering their educational goals.Dopsy has been very successful in producing excellent forms of cooperation and it has improved the ability of doctoral students to network, to keep up their motivation and to develop their skills and knowledge. Psykonet and Dopsy will foster this tradition between all six universities offering degrees in psychology in Finland even after the funding provided by the Academy of Finland ended at the end of 2015.

Lyhyesti tohtorikoulutusyhteistyöstä

Psykologian valtakunnallisen tohtoriohjelma Dopsyn rahoitus päättyi 31.12.2015. Dopsyn piirissä on saatu aikaan erittäin hyviä tuloksia yhteistyön toimivuudessa ja se on vaikuttanut positiivisesti tohtorikoulutettavien verkostoitumiseen, opiskelumotivaatioon ja kehittymismahdollisuuksiin.


The coordinator has access to a large international database of funding opportunities called Research Professional. Relevant funding opportunities will be posted on the email list and below from time to time. If you have a specific type of funding in mind that you need, please contact him to see what he can find for you. You can also check to see if your own university has access to Research Professional or similar - contact your research services to check.

For funding opportunities in Finland, check the Aurora database for funding opportunities.

International affairs/Internationalisation

One of the topics that has come up in discussion on what Dopsy could provide students with is advice on internationalisation. This page aims to help towards that end.


If you have any ideas for what to add to this list, please contact the coordinator.