Dopsy symposium 2020 on Open Science

The annual Dopsy symposium is organized in November 2020 in Tampere University

Due to the coronavirus situation, symposium goes virtual.


Time:    27th of November 9:15 – 15:30

Place:   Virtual meeting, Zoom link

(Material and link are announced later for those who are registered)


The symposium is focused on open science and its impact on psychological research. During the day, you will get familiar with the basic concepts concerning open science, such as reproducibility, replication crisis, preregistration, p-hacking, data sharing, and many others. You will also get practical tips of how to adopt open science practices in your own research. The symposium is aimed for doctoral students of Psychology.


The speakers are Leo Lahti (University of Turku), Enrico Glerean (Aalto University), Julia Sangervo (Finnish Psychological Association), Nelli Hankonen (University of Helsinki), and Sirpa Kovanen (University of Helsinki).


The symposium is free of charge and organized by the Dopsy network (



Registration is now open, please click the link below to register!



Register before 15th of November 2020!