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Dopsy - the doctoral training network in psychology - About the network

This pages describe the basic principles of cooperation between the member universities of Psykonet in the area of doctoral education. Read more...

Doctoral courses

Below, you will find a link to see all doctoral courses available at each member university. All courses directed specifically at doctoral students in psychology are open to students from all Psykonet universities, provided that there is enough space on the course to accommodate them. Please contact the coordinator for more information.You could also look at various MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses, links below) and discuss with your supervisor whether you could include those in your studies. We will update these pages durin spring 2020. Read more...

Doctoral courses organized by Dopsy


Further information

To keep up-to-date on the latest news of interest to doctoral students of psychology, you have several options. You can keep checking back at this website, join the email list for doctoral students or alumni, or join the Facebook page for Psykonet. All these information channels offer information on funding opportunities, courses at the member universities and elsewhere as well as national and international conferences and other relevant topics.This page will also contain a list of links to relevant resources such as a regularly updated list of upcoming conferences in psychology and related disciplines. Read more...

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Email lists

To join the email list for doctoral students (address, please visit this page and enter your email address there. You can also use the interface on that website to change your address. Or if that fails, contact the coordinator.

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NOW WE HAVE OUR OWN FACEBOOK GROUP FOR DOPSY: Find you way and join there by going here!

Psykonet has also Facebook page called Psykonet-yliopistoverkosto. Most of the content there is in Finnish, but content in English will be posted from time to time.