About the network

This page describes the basic principles of cooperation between the member universities of Psykonet in the area of doctoral education.

Coordination and working group under Psykonet

National doctoral training in psychology is coordinated by the Dopsy executive group under the umbrella of the Psykonet network. The working group has representatives from all six Psykonet universities, doctoral students and the Finnish Psychological Association. The group has meetings as needed, but at least semiannually.

The members of the executive group act as links between the network and the various universities, and they are named by the disciplines and the Finnish Psychological Assocation independently according to their own conventions. Students name their own representatives.

Routine administration and coordination support is undertaken by the Psykonet coordinator. Please contact the coordinator if you have any ideas or comments about the network.

Student intake

All doctoral students in each of the six network member universities are members of the network. For more information on becoming a doctoral student, you should look at the websites of each university.

All doctoral students in Psykonet networks can join a national email list. The list will notify members of various funding opportunities, courses, conferences, and other subjects of interest to doctoral students. There is also an email list for alumni.

Activities and funding

The Dopsy executive group will prepare a working plan and is responsible for applying for necessary funding from the member universities or other sources. The basic principle is that each university determines and is responsible for the costs related to the activities of their personnel and doctoral students in the network - no money transfers will take place between universities.

Psykonet will maintain the tradition of an annual spring or autumn symposium. The symposium gives students the opportunity to meet each other, present their research and receive prepared comments on their presentations. The symposium will be organized in turn in different cities. Details of how the symposium is organized are agreed on separately each time.

Each university is committed to the network by opening up their doctoral level courses also to students from other network member universities. However, they retain the right to give priority to their own doctoral students if there is a need to limit the number of participants.

The working group will endeavour to further develop the quality and appropriateness of doctoral degrees in psychology as they are produced as part of the multidisciplinary doctoral programmes and graduate schools of various universities.